Check out this WDI meter. Wow.

Anyone know how much it costs?

Alot of money :wink: That’s why theres no price. lol

Haha yeah I know.

Fill out the form. See what happens. I don’t actually know what happens.

I’ll fill it out. Ill report back to you guys.

I’m curious to hear back from you. Let me know if get an auto responding email or if someone actually calls you tomorrow.

There is no doubt in my mind that someone is going to call me.

NVM. Leaving your number is not required.

Hm. Interesting. Maybe I can get someone from their company to come on here. I’ll see if I can call their company in the AM and get a rep to come on this message board.

This sounds like a possible money maker! Im interested.

Aussie made I suspect!

Only $5K :mrgreen: …

Hi guys, my name s Skip and I work for Termatrac.
List price is $4995 and InterNACHI members receive a 10% discount.
We have payment plans starting at $995 down with payments of up to 24 months.

Thanks Skip.

How does it detect termites?

How about a bed bug detector? It’s a cheaper gimmick.

I think Juan already has one of those Linas. :wink:

Skip, I have an Idea. How about you send me one and I will put it to the test. If it works like you guys claim, I will write you the best promo article you have ever seen. There is no better advertising than a real inspector putting it to the test?
OK I have an even better offer, I will use it for a few inspections, then ship it to another inspector in a different state, let them try it, and then ship it to another… we will do this a few times and the product will get a very good Beta test.

When the test is over we will send it in to Nick and he can raffle it off or return it to you?

Hit me up if you want to accept the offer.



Awesome marketing idea there.

Shoot I’d even settle for skip giving me 3 names of home inspectors using this tool so I can call them. How about it skip?