check this sizing out

Is it me or is the condensing unit twice the size of the air handler? and dumb question do you think thats a little excessive if thats the case?

Just curious.

What makes you think that it is twice the size?

The compressor is a 3 1/2 - 4 ton and the air handler appears to be a 2 ton. I was taught the blower on the air handler should be a half ton bigger or equal to the compressor size. I do not see how it would keep the A-coil from freezing up. Does not make sense to me. Maybe David will come along and give us his input.

Looks like a 4 ton condenser on a 2 ton E-coil. Seems like an unusual combination. Only Rheem can tell you if the two are appropriate to be paired together.

What makes you think that it is a 4 ton unit?

I only ask because it looks like a 3 ton unit from the info on the data plate.


Red numbers typically show the approx BTU/H rating in 1,000s

That is what I thought you were looking at. I was taught that the number needed to be divided by 12. That when there wasn’t a number divided by 12 that I should look at the RLA. Divide the RLA by 5.5-6 and that would give you the tonnage. In this case the RLA is 18.3. That is what lead me to rate it as a 3 ton. I would love to know if I am wrong in this case.


I would suspect that this unit is closer to 4 ton than 3, but even at 3 it is still a mismatch. Good catch, assuming they only had one unit.:smiley:

Go to and put in the model numbers. It will tell you if they are compatible.
Here is a hint. Don’t put in the complete model number. Put in about half and it will pull up a list.

Thanks for the link.


Thanks for the thread It was very educational. I know that Gerry would have loved it.

Looks like Chuck’s link has the answer.
44,500 Btu/hr; and this unit should be paired with a RBHK-24+RCGJ-60A1 coil.

All the information you need - and none of it available from the nameplate.

Dividing 49 by 12 wasn’t the answer. Dividing the RLA by 5 was pretty close. But how do we know we shouldn’t have divided by 6, or 7?
And the 24 in the coil doesn’t imply 2 tons . . .

So I guess we learned that we need to check out those weird model numbers.


Thank you for that link Mr.Richardson.I am just starting my advanced HVAC course through INACHI.