Checking Heat mode in South Florida

What’s everyone’s two cents on checking the Heat mode on an electric (or gas for that matter) air handler/furnace in south Florida when the outdoor temp is 80+?

Cool the house down with the AC, then run/inspect the heat.

Just turn the thing on. If it’s not OK, the furnace will shut itself off (don’t report it as a defect either)!

Always check the emer / aux heat function or gas furnace. It won’t hurt anything, and it will probably get the realtors out of the house in the summer.

Especially on those 4 points … If clients do not have useless heat in S. Florida then they can’t get insured :frowning: I have not used mine in over 10+ years.

Check it.
I do it first to heat the house up…then, run the a/c to cool the house down.

This will give you a “feel” if the house is being cooled properly, and also, doesn’t leave a hot house for the homeowner.

We run the AC during the inspection making note of the performance. Then turn on the heat at the end briefly to make sure it works, typically that warms the house back to a comfortable level.

This is what I do too. Want to make sure t at last turns on and there is no defect with the reversing valve. I won’t wait until it reaches its max, I’ll photo document the temp when it reaches 90 - 100 degrees and comment on the restricted inspection and why.

I do a split temp test at the air handler on cool mode. Then switch the thermostat to heat after I check if all vents are delivering cool air. I check the supply plenum with my thermometer to insure that heat is being produced then…Done.