Chicago chapter

Structure for Home Inspectors
November 17th, Check-in at 3:00 PM.
This is a general survey course covering structure inspections. It will
cover the terminology, types of residential structures, concrete
formulations and history, the science of crack evaluation and cover some
interesting structural defects seen and how to report them.
This class will provide 6 hours of Illinois State CE Credit, 6 hours of
Best Western
4400 Frontage Rd
Hillside IL 60162
Chicago Chapter Members 50.00 INTERNACHI Member 60.00
Non= Nachi Members $ 70.00
The course will be offered on a first-come, first served basis and
registration at the door cannot be guaranteed, given space constraints.
Pay pal provides a space for messages. Please enter you NACHI membership
number in this space.

For questions about payment or registration
Contact Jeff Merritt 773-457-4542

Jeff… please confirm the date.

He likes to plan in advance.

I appreciate it, especially if I ever plan to make the trek some day! :wink:

Corrected date, Long trip from MN!!

Posting in

Thanks, Nick

But worth it for a REAL beef, dog or pie!!!:wink:

I will buy.

Show up and I will get you a Deep Dish at Pizza Hut.:slight_smile:
Just kidding----The Pizza Hut part that is.

Bob, I said REAL pie!!! :shock:

Appreciate the offer, and will keep it in mind. I would love to partake in one of your meeting, and meet all you guys after all these years.

Not sure if I can make the Nov. 17th, as many planets have to align. to be able to make the drive, especially mid-week (my busy days of the week).

I try to get back there once or twice a year, and many times I am literally flying (via car) in and out.

Keep posting your meetings (mailing list?) and one day I will finally make it.