Structure Course Completed, Sent out

The NACHI Education Structure course is (finally) complete, packaged, sent out to the state (Illinois) for approval and sent to NACHI state education coordinators.


Hope this helps.

Good job. We all appreciate your contributions.

excellent will, Look forward to seeing this, As always, me thinks you da man, regardless of what anyone else says about you!:wink:

Earl, Mike and Dave.

Sending you guys both courses on one CD, just so you know.

Still waiting for Dave Nice’s full address.


You never took me up on my offer Will.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good job!

I’m sure it’s been a lot of hard work.

Very nice work Will, I will be sending the Sour Mash and Mogen David.:wink:

What offer, Will?

Can’t recall.

Hi! Will;
Do you think you could send me one of those daul CD’s if possible ???
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91 Stephen Road
Bayport NY 11705

Regards Len


For the 345,321 time, I can’t send them out unless approved by the NACHI Education Comitee Chairman, Russ Myers. Since they are approved for state CE in some states, there have to be some controls.

Not p#ssed at you, Len, just tired of answering the same question so many times.

Sometimes, I don’t believe that Home Inspectors can read :smiley:

I offered to help you proofread.

Just razzin’ ya some… now go take a well deserved break and drink a big gulp.:wink:

Who designed your covers and label? They look great!


There is a typo on the CD Cover.

Copyright 2006
The National Association of Home Inspectors

Fixed, Joe.

Thanks for the save.

I haven’t received the course, did you sent one out to me?

Any chance of sending one to me in North Dakota?
George Maher
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Fargo, ND 58102


I am totally convinced that home inspectors cannot reed (or spel, eethr).

Since these courses are state approved, they cannot just be sent out to anyone and everyone. Russ Myers, NACHI’s Education Committee Chairman has an approval process so that the state approval is not tainted.

As I understand it, these people can get the course CDs:

  1. NACHI State Education coordinators
  2. NACHI Chapter Presidents

Russ has a process and an affidevit to sign. Once he says so, I will mail out the CD (with the spelling corrected).

The CD cover and insert was designed by my Daughter.

The courses include handouts, tests (with answer keys) and other useful stuff.


I know how to read, if I had seen a post pertaining to not asking for the CD I wouldn’t have asked. Also as you know I am a chapter Pres. By the way please forget that I asked, I just hate upsetting anyone.

Regards Len Ungar L I Nachi chapter Pres. ]

Sorry if I forgot the smile icon, Len. :smiley: Meant the no read thing as a joke.

Have you contacted Russ yet?

I am sorry if you got bent out of shape, but I have to follow the rules of the education committee. With all this state CE being made and other associations and other association affiliated vendors being undercut in price, there are plenty of long knives out there. If the courses are just sent, willy-nilly, around with no checks, coordination or accountability these courses may end up being de-certified and then they would be no more valuable than the NHIE, which ACHI spread around all other the place and everyone (at least around here) has a copy of the answer key. :roll:

The NACHI education committee is trying to keep this professional. I would hope, that as a NACHI Chapter President, you understand this. Just e-mail Russ and get authorization.


Congratulations on the completion of your program. I know how long it takes to put a program together, especially one that passes the tests of state administrators.

Presently New York has not set forth the regs for Continuing Education, however they will within the next 3-6 months. It is my understanding that the courses will be live courses rather than distance learning courses unless they are approved by detc. That is the same reg the DOS has with other Licenses.

Much luck and success.


As per your prior message, on behalf of Len Ungar, a request was E-Mailed in compliance with your instructions for the Long Island Chapter.

Thanks for putting in the request, but on second thought I really don’t care to have it if I have to Kiss someones DONKEY to get info for my chapter members. There are many ways to get info in this day and age.
I also spoke with Nick about this having to get clearance from this education committee for CEU’s for my chapter presentations and he said if I have a 4/6/or whatever hour’s class my members will get credit for it as always.
I am not trying to buck the system but I don’t need someone telling me how to run the L I Nachi chapter. If someone want’s to take it over by all means be my guest, it will sure give me more time for myself,wife and the grandkids.
I enjoy working with and for Nachi but I will not have someone telling me what I can or cannot do, ask or suggest OK but not tell otherwise goodbye Nachi.
Oh! By the way thank’s for your support Bill, Nick, Deanna

Regards Len Ungar L I Nachi Chapter Pres. ]