Chicago Inspector Wanted

I’m too busy. Anyone interested plese reply. Tell them I referred you.:wink:
[FONT=Arial]My company Prospect Training International is looking for a qualified Home Inspector in the area to work with. I currently work with Home Inspectors across the country and I don’t have anyone in the Chicago area. We hold seminars and workshops for Owners, Brokers and Managers of Real Estate Companies all over the country and are scheduled to be in Chicago on Thursday February 11th doing a large training event for all the realtors of the local companies we work with. My company Prospect Training International and Allstate Insurance are putting this event on and we are currently looking for a one reputable Home Inspector in the area to come in and work with some of the agents and brokers we train. Part of our training program entails the Realtors and brokers setting up a full Business Team for themselves and their offices, so we look to work with an experienced Home Inspector that is currently looking to take on some inspections and build relationships with local Realtors. We will have around 75-100 realtors and brokers at this event that average 10 to 15 years in the industry. It has been a phenomenal opportunity to pick up some new long term relationships considering we only bring in one Home Inspector for the whole event. This seminar is geared toward an Inspection Company that is currently in an active growth mode, and looking to build relationships with local Real Estate professionals. But again we’re looking for a reputable Inspector with integrity and experience working with large Real Estate firms. If you’re looking to take on inspections and are not already backed up then I would love to discuss working together. I’m going to be interviewing Inspectors over the next week. So if you’re interested in doing some Inspections for us please let me know by phone or email as soon as possible when a good time to contact you would be. So I can fill you in on the event, go over some details and see if this would be a good fit for both of us. Also I can give you a couple names and #’s of other Inspectors I work with across the country to give you an idea of the amount of inspections you’ll be taking on from this event. [/FONT]
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William Simrell
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[FONT=Copperplate Gothic Bold]William Simrell[/FONT]
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Hmm, same email, different company name!

Seen it before, not sure what they are all about, I think I talked to them once.

Notice some links are still under construction.

I hope it is not those Cash Flow guys.

I’ve also received this same email and contacted by phone many times. You have to pay to be part of the program. I told them to take me off their list.