Just Trying To Help Lending Tree Out

The kind request:

My more than generous reply:

I am anxiously awaiting their reply, shouldn’t be long, ya think? :smiley:

Thanks for letting me know my spam filter is working…:mrgreen:

Expect to be paid in the local currency (powdered donuts).:wink:

Many lenders ask the inspector to pay his share of the cost. :twisted:


Oh man that is priceless!!! :smiley:

900 dollars is what they want. I said no


Thanks for the “heads up”:slight_smile:

Got my email today.

Here is my response:


Sounds like a great opportunity.

Please provide me some information on how much you are offering to pay me to be a part of your training team.

I look forward to your further communication.

I’m patiently waiting for his response. :wink:

Grammar check not working?

When my sense of humor is intact, I get a good laugh out of this selling point. It is even funnier when I ask the salesman to define a “good job” in the eyes of the realtors. So far, every answer I have received confirms my suspicions that their sales pitch is based on a template and not on an actual understanding of our industry.:|.)