Chicago IR CE Training

We just finished a 3 hour IR Course instructed by Will Decker. Great class and instructor!!! Good turnout. Keep up the good work Will.

Linas must drive too fast. :cool:

Will did a great job and is a fine instructor. Thanks to Jeff, Kyle and others for your hard work and great BBQ. :smiley:

I took the new $750 mil. I-355 extension home. I took a couple of pics at a new construction today showing the Tyvek lettering.(Like Will showed us last night) It was cloudy and cold but you can see the darker lettering on the exterior wrap.

IR_0046 (Small).jpg

IR_0047 (Small).jpg

Looks familiar. We had fun. :cool:

Thanks. We will be having more of the same type of 3-hr courses in the future. Would like some feed back is having a course on a week night to much? Or would a weekend be better? Big thanks to Kyle did a great job.


Weeknights are probably much better than a Saturday for most.

I am just sorry I need to wait two months for a regular chapter meeting.