Infra Red Chicago

A big thanks to Will Decker for another fine CE class.
Just got back.
I learned enough , to feel like I just got a science degree.
I must be an emitter , because I absorbed lots of energy. (thermal guy joke)
Any way, I guess I should save my dough for one of those babies.
Also I promise to try and not make fun of you guys with the pretty rainbow pictures in the future. :twisted:
Oh I took a few pics myself and will post them tommorow.

Congrats Robert,

I am glad Will was able to get through your thermal mass and teach you something.
(thermal guy joke… :slight_smile: )


It was a good class John.
I was just mad this group of jerks only left me 3 slices of pizza when I got there.
I like the one camera that looks like a cell phone.

Yes very good class.
Thanks to Chicago Chapter for putting it together. Well presented Will.

The early bird gets the worm (or pizza as it may be) :stuck_out_tongue:
Good thing you didn’t “absorb” any more pizza - keeps the “emittance” to a minimum (thermal guy joke):mrgreen:

Got another small building Inspection set for Monday Rick.
Give me a call.

Here is a shot of last nights meeting.
If anybody thinks we are joking about Will Deckers height, please note the door behind him.

infraredcourse (Small).JPG

Sure are a lot of “domes” in the room! :p:mrgreen:

That was my first thought.

I wasn’t there!

Thanks Will!

Thanks to my “little friend” Bobby for the kind words.

This class was the 3 hour, Illinois state ce approved version. It was designed to get people up-to-speed on the terminology, some of the basic physics and is just an introduction.

The 2 day course, for actual certifcation, that John McKenna and I am working on, is much more complex and difficult. Stay awake, guys!

I have gotten 3 referrals (so far :mrgreen: ) from a very prominent NAHI inspector, in this area, for thermal imaging inspections. He even asked if he could go on a “ride along” (He has been inspecting for over 15 years!). He said that he is very impressed with thermal imaging and believes that it will be used by all inspectors within the next couple of years.

Also, another Chicagoland Chapter member (I spoke about this, during the course) was hesitent. Didn’t think that he could afford a camera. He found a deal on the Flike Ti10 (under $3,500) and got it. He called me, just before I was leaving to teach. Told me that he was walking around his neighborhood and checking some of his properties (he owns multiple houses and 2 flats) and found all kinds of stuff that he never knew about.

BTW: He also helped my to proof read the content of the 3 hour class.
He begged me to let him help proof read the 2 day class. (Must want a free certification :wink: ).

And Bob felt it was more important to have another smoke (which I can understand) than to show up in time for the food.

Hat tip to Jeff Merritt, Chicagoland iNACHI President (and Joe Kormos (chap Sec) and Pat Kelly (chap VP)) who "just showed up to help. Good, stand up guys, both) for dealing with the room, the printing of the manual and actually processing all the state required paperwork.

Hope to see you in Boulder, CO, for the full, 2 day, certification class.

Thanks for all the kind words.

Hope this helps;

This is, yet, another reason why Jews wear Yammakas.

Go figure.

Hey when I show up and the Instructor is outside having a smoke himself, I figure I must be on time.
That was very good pizza too.
Thanks again and see you at the convention June 18.(state guys)

I just ordered my Fluke TiR. Will, are you also doing the class in Brentwood, TN in May? I’m hoping to attend that one.

No… Will and I have planned only one class together and that is in Boulder CO.

The rest of the classes shown on my site, including TN, are taught by me.

Hope to see you soon…:wink:

Great, I’ll most likely be there. Thanks John!