"Chicago Style" roofing

Attached is what can be called “South Side Chicago Sytle” roofing. Also, please not te delicate workmanship in the roof dope flashing around the chimney.

People can’t possible imagine why I call this out.

Go figure :mrgreen:



Well if it ain’t leaking Will, why would you call it out;-)

When ever I take the CTA blueline into the city, I am amazed at how many crappola roof jobs i see like that. yuck

Jeez, Some inspectors are so picky, it’s a roof and it’s on top of the house. What’s the problem?:slight_smile:

I was just informed by the all of the females present, one of the daughter’s birthday parties is going on, that vertical lines have a slimming effect thus creating the illusion of a narrower line. :roll:

Now that we’ve been informed I’ll be moving on to another slice of cake :smiley:

Yeah. I have all daughters too. I will so inform my client :mrgreen:

Go figure.

Where can somebody get some great information on different types of roofing materials which of course would include the different flat roofs. I was looking at the different books and websites I have and realized that I don’t have anything that really talks a lot about specific types of roofing materials. Any books, websites or classes that really impressed you?

Will, is that one of those roofs that the homeowner can’t see from the ground?

Try the NACHI on-line roofing course.

Shingles?! We don’t need no stinkin’ shingles!

How did the attic look Will?

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this kind of “roofing” refered to as rolled selvage.

Looks like rolled sewerage to me.

How did the attic look Will? :slight_smile:

Expected roof life: 3 years or a severe wind storm…which ever comes first!!

I can see from the picture that the roof is using slats.
Look closely at the pics and you can see them.
That is an old structure ,and I am also curious if that is balloon framing.
I would be surprised if it is even vented properly.
From the lack of staining , I will go so far as to say that chimney has been rebuilt.

Hey Will,
Just out of curiousity is the roof tight. I know it’s wrong in so many ways. Was just thinking that that is one of those instances where no matter how wrong (vertical rolled roofing SHOULD leak) it is the D$$n thing was dry.