Chimney and clay tile liner question.

Three shots showing roof ,looking down and looking up from cleanout.
Please note the three bricks near the top and under the top section of clay tile liner.
They seem to be there to support the final section insert for some reason.

Not the first time I have seen this and wondering why it is done.


Hi Condo

I don’t know why they are placed there or what they are, but they shouldn’t be there…what ever it is.

Almost looks like fractured hunks of Mortar to me.

Besides writing the Chimney needs to be Inspected and Video Scanned by a Licensed Chimney Sweep it also has unknown objects in the flue which should be determined by the professional doing the Chimney Inspection-Video Scan-Cleaning prior to the end of their Inspection Contingency Period.

Thanks Dale.
I will sit on this one for a day and see if anyone knows why they do this.
Have seen it several times and I think it is intentional .(note different color from outside brick)
Perhaps I’m wrong.

What is the top liner larger in diameter than the ones below?

That’s what it looks like to me, and their using what ever it is to hold the flue in place…no?

Regardless, its wrong–:stuck_out_tongue:

I agree ,because the chimney is not lined all the way through.
I stuck my arm in and took the shot in bright sunlight ,so this was not really looked at till later.

Sometimes pictures can fool you.
Here is a shot looking down the waste stack for instance.
Waste stack.jpg

First glance you think waste stack is blocked but actually there is a 90 in the attic.

Since the gap is somewhere near the roof line or above (chimney) ,would you say the biggest concern is simple premature brick and mortar deterioration from the mid efficiency furnace and water heater that are attached…?

Biggest concern is rain water flowing by the gap downward into the chimney I would think.

Should have a Chimney Cap too.

Those are not needed around here
Water never makes it’s way down to the bottom on these.

Not sure of the physics other than diameter of the hole does not let enough down.

They used the bricks as spacers to extend the flue. That’s why the exterior brick/mortar is deteriorated in that area. As far as chimney caps, I never had caps on my chimney until I got a call from my neighbor to come look at his raccoon family living in his chimney.

Need for pest screens is another (animal) :stuck_out_tongue:

Linus why would they need to extend it.
Looking at the picture I am not sure they would have needed another 4 inches.(insert joke )

The Chimney Caps we have here usually have Spark Arrestors (screens) so Animals, Bats, etc, cannot get into the Chimney…including Water.

But that gap needs to be Mortared.

I agree ,but the other issue I see is it narrows the flue circumference also.
No way to mortar that without removal.

Feel like I am getting somewhere with this.
Thanks guys.
Doing report today.

They extended them so it wasn’t flush with the coping. I see it from time to time.

House is only 1975 ,but that flue looks newer to me.
I will put what both of you mentioned in the report.

They just added all new appliances and the HWH flue was below the HVAC B vent also.
Backdrafting may be an issue here.