Chimney flashing

Potential leak issue?

Is there step flashing under the counterflashing?

Can’t tell (all caulked up). The shingle over the front is “tarred” in place and I couldn’t see the apron flashing either.

I may be over-thinking it, but it’s not what I’m use to seeing and can’t make assumptions.

It looks to be a “sleeve” that was placed, after the chimney repairs were done. I have only seen this a couple of times, and both times it was the mason that installed it. One giveaway is the counter flashing. Did you inspect it from inside the attic?

Yes, I didn’t notice anything unusual from the attic side.

I actually prefer the sleeves being in MN. When the snow and ice builds up around the chinmey, and autumn & spring hits with the freeze thaw cycles, there is less chance of moisture getting through any step flashing, and deteriorating the morter behind it. I know you’ve seen that problem over in WI.

Thanks for the help!

What happened to the industry? I really do not understand. I see so much of this type condition around chimney’s and around dormer wall edge to roof.

Do installer’s not know about the importance of flashing? There are so many water leak issue’s in new homes as compared to the older homes that have, and you can see, the flashing. Sure sign of leaks when you see tar and or caulk. How do inspector’s check for flashing under shingles or under siding?

These roof’s leak. May not be evident for a few years. They do leak. Talk about fishmouthing shingles, and or rotting roof sheathing.

Defective workmanship. Keeping Inspector’s busy. LOL

Low bidder gets the job.

Is that simulated brick veneer or full brick on the chimney?

Suspect: Faulty shingle installation.

Defective flashing: no step flashing.
Recommend a licensed roofer do the needed repairs.
Cost: $400 - $600 dollars.
That would be in my area Canada.
Because there is no step flashing the badly placed shingled seams at the corners of the chimney will have a higher probability of leakage.They may pull away from each other due to expansion and or contraction.
Sizer’s or step flashing go under each shingle and allow for expansion and contraction of the materials.
It is apparent the is no step flashing.

Counter flashing on top.
It would be cut into the brick masonry bedding.on the upper and lower sides.

For the 2 side plans the step flashing or the counter flashing may be cut in.
The counter flashing would have a 3 to 4 inch lip on-top
When the chimney expands it will open the butt seams in the shingles.

That chimney job ‘Fails’. It’ll only last as long as the caulk holds.

This may help. I see I need to add more pictures too.

What chimney job Frank.
What part of the system you talking about?

Inspection yesterday. Roof in very good shape. Shingles on ridge, “erosion”. Most of granules gone, corners curled. At chimney, observed the bad flashing. One piece of flashing on each side, brown caulk at top of brown metal trim to masonry. Little to no wind–I smelled mold!! I was able to put slight pressure downward and move shingles and sheathing down a little.
Went back inside, attic crawl. OSB black! Home 15 years old.

YES! Potential leak.
Sidewall flashing should be step-flashing. Flashing on the downhill side should be out over the top of subsequent courses of flashing. Google “mastering roof inspection” and learn how to really inspect residential steep-slope roofs.

“Money” happened to it, Marc. As more disreputable roofers get into the business, it becomes more difficult for good contractors to compete. Ignorant consumers don’t know how to tell the difference between reputable contractors and rip-off roofing contractors. They just go off price.

Money, laziness, and a lack of trade investment to give quality and
to teach the next generation how to perform the job properly.:frowning:
All trades are failing and some materials manufactures and cutting the architectural envelope with there materials quality.:mad:
Speaks volumes about the generation behind me and the new generation comping up behind them.
All the more reasons , home inspectors have a bright future in-front of them Kenton.