Chimney flue clearance to wall

What is the safe distance that a chimney flue for a gas powered glass sealed unit needs from the structure? I measured this at 31" from the fascia

2 feet higher than anything in a 10 foot radius so that sucker needs a lift.
That window makes it worse.

Thank you.
non openable window though so ok.

chimney [1024x768].jpg

That’s just a gas vent (not a “chimney”), so the requirements are a bit different.

If within 8 feet of a vertical wall, it must extent at least 24" inches above the upper roof line.

Jeff’s got it…

Not in my neck of the woods!

So what is it in your neck of the woods?

End result is the same in this case.
It needs to be extended .

Have a diagram or doc sheet on it ?

Not in the office but when I get there I will give info of code.

Page 3 Bob.

Also page 5 for this one.

That’s for a wood burning appliance Bob.

That won’t help the vent draft any better, the reason for the 2 foot above rule

Back in the office for a short time.
CSA 8.14 would apply to either a vent or chimney.
In this case the chimney or vent would need to be above that wall at least here in Ontario.
2 foot in 10 rule would apply and Eric is correct that the main reason is 8.14 Needs to extend high enough above either a building or a neighbouring obstruction so that wind from any direction will not create a positive pressure in the vicinity of either the vent termination or the chimney termination.
However even the illustration they have in the CSA book is not correct, but that is another story and I will save that for when or if CSA produces standards for us to follow.:shock:


It’s not a chimney. If it were, it would need to follow the 3/2/10 rule, as there is no “2 foot in 10 rule.”

Also, the OP is from the USA, so CSA standards do not apply.

CSA 8.14 would apply to either a **vent **or chimney at least here it does.
Actually the rule is more correct by saying 2/2/10.

Using correct names of components helps. Here’s a great article I read a while back.

Saved …thanks.


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