chimney flue

Shouldn’t the lower pipe be installed into the upper pipe in a chimney flue? In this picture the upper pipe is fitted inside the lower pipe. Won’t this allow carbon monoxide to get into the chimney chamber?

Picture 044.jpg

The picture is looking up from inside the fireplace, through the damper opening

Wood or gas?

If its a gas fireplace there shouldn’t be an operable damper on the system.

Its a wood fireplace with a gas log starter installed

On wood burning units the pipes are installed like that so the creosote drips back into the pipes and doesn’t run down the outside. The draft is such that it keeps the flue gases going up and out.

With the gas log set, the damper should be modified to stay open or removed.

Ron, what did you shoot that with?

I took the picture with an HP R725 Photosmart camera.

Pretty good for a $100 camera. Does that have a lens that telescopes out from the front of the camera when you turn it on or use the zoom?

It does not have a lens that zooms out. I found out those types kind of suck if you get into crawl spaces or attics where there is a lot of dust. The type where the lens zooms out get dirty then do not open. I have had this camera about 2 years and have had no problem with it, even though I have dropped it. I just bought a new one last week on ebay for $69. HP does not make them anymore.