Sealed Fireplace Flue

Not sure what to make of this. There was a gas log set installed and when I looked inside to view the damper and flue I found a metal cover bolted in place blocking the flue. The metal was clear of any soot but the log set hand some soot cover. The gas pilot was also out. It appear as if the damper was missing as well. The pull chain I believes opens and closes the rain cap a top the chimney. Anyone see this before?.

I haven’t seen that before, John. Do you have more pictures?

I may comment:

Sheet metal is blocking the flue preventing the exhaust of fuel gases. I recommend a N.F.P.A. level 2 chimney/fireplace inspection, before use, for safety.

An apartment I once rented years ago, had a flat wood piece in it. I eventually learned that the tenants put it there so wasps couldn’t get in the apartment through the fireplace. This seemed a little crazy to me, but I never messed with it.

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