Gas Fireplace

Inspected a home that had converted the wood fireplace to a natural gas. The venting is the original chimney with damper. Is this proper?
Also, the gas piping runs under two doors enroute to the fireplace?
Thanks, Phil

The damper needs to be secured in at least a partial opened position.

Are there doors?

I would defer to the conversion log manufacturer’s installation instruction in any case.

There is nothing proper about that installation.

The original glass doors are also still in place. The seller agent and homeowner are “resisting” that a pro needs to come in and futher evaluate this.

Each gas log set will specify the minimum opening of the damper door.

It cannot be able to be closed completely as your picture shows.

Without the installation instructions all you can do is defer it as you have already done.

You need to put the responsibility onto the buyer or seller not yourself.



Thanks. I will copy and paste this to my client. Do you have a comment about the rusty gas piping that runs under the door?

I would not quote code myself and leave it at verification to the manufactures instructions.

If that is black iron pipe I would not have a comment.

It appears that it was once under a wood threshold that is now gone.

Understand. Thanks again!!!

If the fire place chimney has no galvanized or stainless flue liner installed after or during the retro fit of the gas fire place insert, the clay Tera-cota flue liners or double wythe walled brick degrade rapidly for the acidic exhaust.
The same goes for furnaces.
The low heat from efficient furnaces makes the chimney draw slower. Combined with the acidic exhaust, the effect will eat away the clay liners or clay brick quickly.
Expensive repair and it may also reduce the venting size.
A Bladder used to deflate after the concrete has dries is inserted into the flue of chimney cavity. Concrete is poured and a vibrator is used to insure there are no voids.
Not the best site but I am tired.

SUSPECT: Chimney deficiency. Liner.Safety issue.
RECOMMEND. WETT inspection.
Specialized licensed chimney insert installer.
( any other notes you made . Components that are missing or broken, damaged, bent.)
Good luck.

WETT only applies top Canada

Thanks Michel.
I will try to remember.

Thanks again, gentlemen!