Chimney Inspections (with wood chase)

Not a home that I was inspecting but within the same commuinty.

It appears that the chimney chases within this community were nailed to the roof sheathing and not connected to the roof framing.

This one unexpectedly fell off at 2 AM…

Something to look out for…

(never put a ladder against a chimney chase)

Looks like the railing on that deck could of used some 4x4 posts rather then relying on the spindals to hold every thing in place.

amazing what a chimney falling 2 stories will do
luckily it was at 2 AM and not in the middle of the day
it did miss the table and chairs

Looking at the deck design maybe this was a warning! That deck is not safe and should be repaired properly ASAP.:frowning:

The deck is an additional issue…

The installation
of the Chimney Chase
is a latent defect that would not be perceived / viewed / inspected in the course of a Standard Home Inspection.

That’s a good one Joe, and I agree, the deck has issues also.
Looks like the neighbors might have the same problem.
Must have been the same builders.


I am sure the Million Dollar Question right now within this Condo Community…

Are the Fireplace Chases the Individual Homeowners responsibility
are they part of the exterior Roof Structure (coverd by the HOA)

Ask the HOA if you can paint your chimney bright flamingo pink… if the answer is no, it belongs the the HOA :stuck_out_tongue: