Chimney Question

I just received an estimate of over $4,000.00 to reface a section of my brick chimney, as some of the brick facing is coming off. I was told to use a breathable water sealant at least every 5 years, as I also have water coming into my fireplace.

My question is, since I cannot afford to have this work done this summer or even next winter, is it o.k. to apply the sealer now. Will this help, hurt or not make a differance?

If I can apply, does anybody have a recommendations on a good sealer?

Many thanks in advance.

Siloxane Sealer

Do you have a rain cap/spark arrestor on the chimney?

If there is any part of all of the bricks left (so that there are no holes completely through the chimney) the sealer may work for a short while, provided you also have a good rain cap over the opening. If it is really bad and you can’t fix it now, I would recommend forgetting about using the fireplace until it is repaired. In that case, you can just put a piece of heavy plastic or tarp (tied securely) over the whole thing until you can get it fixed.

Thanks for all the replies. There is a rain cap on the chimney. I had an roof tear off and new roof put on last Friday. They found that the leak was coming from rotten wood around the flashing. Somebody had put on a second layer of shingles and did a crappy job. No leaks since the new roof and flashing.

The brick problem I was told is basically cosmetic. I am going to apply some sealer this week, and have a new liner and insert installed before winter.

Once again, thanks to all.