Chimney Rain cap

Look at this rain cap nice.

chimney rain cap needed.jpg

Chimney in Service?

How did you note the problem with the roof?

just put a yellow sign in the grass below it that reads “CAUTION…FALLING BRICKS”. and just wait for a good wind and we’ll laugh and laugh…


I think they put those bricks there so you wouldn’t fall into the chimney. :mrgreen:

I agree with stephen. :shock:

Earl is [SANTA CLAUS]?


I’ll bet there are gass logs in the fireplace, and the damper is broken or missing.


There was no roof problems.

Actually there we no fireplace the chimney was removed and the top portion in the attic remained.

Here is the pic of the chimney in the attic

Picture 033 (Small).jpg

Well, at least it’s got a flue liner. . .

You know, those unlined masonry chimneys are really unsafe. . .

Too funny


So the flue liner is really holding up the remains of the chimney above the roof sheathing…hmmmm …Brilliant Don’t have to patch that huge hole in the roof for now…maybe later…:smiley: