Chimney type

What type of material is this chimney. Home was built in 1952.

Is it the same material as asbestos cement. How would you report the chimney.

Is transite the proper name for material?

I did report on the imprope rpitch at the water tank.

Need to identify chimney material.



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transite - yes

asbestos cement - yes

although it might say “type B vent” on it, hairline cracks in them can go undetected and be a fire hazard.


Thank you for the reply.

How would you report this condition to your client?


If not accessible to mechanical damage or cracked, transite doesn’t pose a great hazard. It probably contains asbestos and I point that out in my report and suggest evaluation.

The biggest risk is that many jurisdictions don’t allow replacing a furnace using this flue material and removal and disposal can be a significant cost.

It appears to be a transite pipe however, that can only be verified by a lab. As for replacement, laws differ from state to state. In Illinois a homeowner in a single family dwelling can remove it and dispose of it in the garbage. However, if you’re an asbestos abatement contractor or it is a multi-family unit, you have to be licensed and dispose of it properly.:shock:

It doesnt look like theres much slope for venting the unit