Exterior Furnace Vent Pipe

Is this connector approved for exterior use. It is attached to an old asbestos type vent in the attic then terminate at the exterior. Any help would be appreciated. (induced vent furnace in crawlspace)

HPIM2083 (Medium) (Small).JPG

:roll: I’ve never seeing anything like that.

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          Victor Rivera , Jr.
             Berea , Ohio

Looks like you have yourself a bunch of problems there Steven.

That “contraption” in your picture is a multi hazard-problem to begin with.:roll:

Lets see some obvious issue to start:

NOT a professionally done , safe installation PERIOD.

Single wall “elbow” not designed for that purpose. Any “chimney” handling a gas / wood burning appliance should / must be a doubled walled passing through a (thimble ) through the roof .

The “chimney” height with respect to roof line / height…

Proximity to combustable materials plays a HUGE part with respect to type of flue / chimney distances and materials. This install is just plain unsafe and will most likely cause several problems to put it mildly for now. Burn the place down…Maybe or a Carbon Monoxide DEATH machine…:frowning:

Flue / chimney sizing/ length and proper draw for products of combustion…

Caulk at “joint” roof “duct” junction. Wrong!

Cap/ cover is questionable and probably too low on “Duct”, wrong all together . There is nothing correct with this install as I can see that makes this usable in a safe way.

The installation of appliance/ location is highly suspect too now.

Recommend complete professional evaluation of system period. This is just so bad that I would be in contact with my local gas company rep and have them come out and possibly shut off the gas for fear of death of occupants of this place.

I’m with you guys, never seen anything like this set up. Definitely recommended repair. This is a 1960 era home that has had some updates. I was not to concerned with the home burning down or CO problems from this vent but could see it rusting out, leaking etc. in the attic. Thanks for the input.