Chinese Drywall Inspection Agreement

Do you have or can you suggest a Chinese Drywall Inspection Agreement.
Thanks, Walter

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Since Chinese drywall is not a part of the SOP, you need to either disclaim it or be very specific about what you are looking for and how. My PIA excludes it, although I will check for indications that it is present.

I don’t tell them they have Chinese drywall unless I can find the Chinese markings on the board, which is usually not the case because all I can usually see is the ceiling board. Even then, I simply state what I see.

I explain the conditions found at the wiring, plumbing and evaporator coil and recommend testing with an XRF gun when appropriate.

If you are performing actual testing of the sheetrock, you should have your attorney draw up an agreement.

On a side note, I’m finding much less of the product over the past few months. Tomorrow, I have a house that says in the listing “House did not have Chinese Drywall, but all drywall has been replaced”. Interesting. :roll:

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