Chinese drywall inspection request by S. Florida REALTOR. Can anyone assist?

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re: Chinese Drywall Inspection

As a Realtor in S Fla, I am involved in a transaction whereby the home was practically rebuilt, however, my Buyer would like to have the at a minimum, criteria /phase 1 testing re administered, during the inspection phase.
Can you suggest Certified CDW inspectors in the Palm Beach Co., Fl area,
Thanks You.

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Sure. You can review my website: and contact me if you wish.

Good luck on that one. :slight_smile: It was posted some time ago.

Since the Realtor is an attorney I would recommend:
Dr Gary Rosen’s web site located at:

That’s an excellent website Fred.


He is the guy that spoke at our conference in Melbourne

Yes he is and I thought he was excellent and I thank you for having him, very informative. His web site is also excellent as Bert stated and refer to it often.