Chinese Drywall Inspection Training

Coming Soon!

Watch short preview:

Looks good!

Has anyone found an insurance company that will provide home inspectors with errors and omissions insurance for the chinese drywall inspection since it is an environmental issue?

At some point, every inspector who continues to add ancillary inspections to his/her list of services, comes to the realization that he/she should focus more on asset-protection techniques than trying to find a policy to cover everything he/she does.

I think the worse thing about Chinese drywall is that about a half hour after you paint it…you feel like you need to paint it, again.

Only if MSG was added.:slight_smile:

100 bucks??? seems a little high or is that just me?

100 for a chinese only insp seems cheap to me unless part of the inspection I would think 175 to 200 is more in the ball park IMHO

I was talking about the cost of the tranning video…:mrgreen:

Inspecting Chinese Drywall training video