Episode 92 - Inspecting Chinese Drywall (Preview)

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Episode 92 - Inspecting Chinese Drywall (Preview)
Learn how to inspect Chinese drywall using the best visual-only inspection techniques. Two expert trainers. Learn at your own pace. Course details, visit http://www.nachi.org/chinesedrywall.htm

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This is a great start to formalizing a consistent visual inspection for defective drywall. If anyone has clients who ask for sample analysis, I wanted to let you all know that my company, Certified Chinese Drywall Testing, LLC is offering sample analysis.

      Each sample is analyzed using XRF and FTIR analysis.  The CPSC  has identified the use of these two technologies in tandem to be a  reliable method for identifying defective drywall.  XRF utilizes X-ray  technology to analyze each sample for strontium and FTIR utilizes  infrared light to measure calcium carbonate.  These two independent  markers are indicative of Chinese drywall.   

This analysis is similar to the options offered by AssuredBio and other lab facilities. Because we test only drywall, whereas many labs use the equipment for the testing of many different materials, Certified Chinese Drywall Testing, LLC is able to offer the testing at a drastically reduced rate. In addition, the analysis of drywall samples does not necessitate a lab facility. Because Certified Chinese Drywall Testing, LLC does not utilize the equipment for any measurements that would require a laboratory, the overhead costs associated with maintaining such a facility are eliminated.

Better yet, we only need a 1/4 diameter sample. This sample can be taken from behind switch plates/outlet plates in many homes to conceal the sampled area. Obviously, I would still obtain permission prior to sampling a home that is for sale, but this is another great way to expand on the service you are already offering.

As a result, Certified Chinese Drywall Testing, LLC is able to offer analysis of a sample of drywall on both FTIR and XRF for less than ½ the cost of our competitors. The fees below are exclusive to NACHI members.

The analysis fees are*:

1-5 samples: $100 each compare to $329 each
6-10 samples: $90 each compare to $279 each
11-16 samples: $80 each compare to $279 each
16+ samples: $70 each compare to $279 each

Typical turnaround time for analysis results is 7-10 days and rush processing is available.

Contact me at joseph@certified-chinese-drywall-testing.com for Chain of Custody form or with any questions.

I hope I never need you, but will keep you in mind.

Chinese drywall inspector in DC is wanted.
Reply to howard@chinesedrywallscreening.com

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You know anyone who can inspect for cdw in DC?

Howard Ehrsam EI, CDP, LEED AP
Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC
411 SW Silver Palm Cove
Port St Lucie, FL 34986
O: 772-224-8660
C: 772-201-0006
F: 772-409-5948

I’m a new member but I’ve been in the contracting business a long time. This is an amazing organization with such consistant, giving attitudes from most all the members I’ve seen and read about.
I appreciate all the input I read tonight and I look forward to an interesting, long lasting and informative learning expereince. I live in Florida and I’m also an All Lines Adjuster, so, I know there’s a world of issues down here. I hope to include that as I get this thing developed.

Great Criss.
Thanks NICK.
Now anyone find chines s drywall in the Montreal Quebec area?

One day your TV shows will stretch to be bigger than Mike Holmes’s TV shows that run in Canada.
I do not know if they run in America. I think they must through networking.
I am not a TV guy…

CPSC and HUD Issues an Updated Remediation Protocol for Homes with Problem Drywall


Included is an updated visual inspection guide.
Identification Method

The identification process will require two steps:
(1) an initial or threshold inspection to find visual signs of metal corrosion and evidence of drywall installation in the relevant time period, and
(2) the identification of corroborating evidence or characteristics.

Our training video teaches home inspectors visual inspection techniques to do both.
Watch this short video preview of the course

Hey, Ben can you find out for me why I cannot view nachitv on my Iphone? For some reason when I try to watch a video it always comes up with advertising for the hvac training. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


Thanks Ben.
Could you do a little fact finding for the INACHI inspectors in Canada.
1# How many provinces in Canadian have noted evidence of Chinese drywall.
2# The provinces and numbers.
3# What is Canada’s CSC and there insurances bodies like HUB be advising and covering for residential home owners.
Thanks Ben. Great reading, great facts…

I found this process easy but this will also useful for those homes which have been completely gutted in an effort to solve the problem caused by Chinese drywall.

Hello Ben ,
I am looking for the videos on chinese drywall and for some reason they have been removed / Is there a reason ?


We annually review all of our online training and make updates, including removing videos that may need major overhauls.