This mornings Home Inspection

What do you think?

Oh ,is that the “special” drywall?

Recommend, “call the fire department”

Chinese drywall

I think that was a quick inspection

Just about as quick as this one! :mrgreen:

Or this one…




Nice, wall of shame pictures :shock:

Looks like phone line(no issue) or is something wrong at the trap?


Polybutylene pipe. Some insurance companies will not issue insurance if it is in the home

checkout the grey water lines behind the trap.

First, there is the polybutylene plumbing lines. Then, there is the leak from the upstairs bathroom. Then, there is the mold under the trap. Also, the screw together fitting inside the floor void.

This area was visible as the previous owner had cut holes in the downstairs ceiling for speakers. When he left, the holes were still there. When I showed that picture to the client, he said, OK, that’s that!

Got ya.
Never see plastic waterlines around here and thought it might be conduit.

Found this just last week …


Found this yesterday.

Looks like the seller was doing some WEEDING around the house…:mrgreen:

Very interesting…

Then, he went and did this…

I like the clean out plug that don’t line up with the hole

If the house was built 2004-07 My GUESS would be toxic rock if those are/were copper grounds!

Mine decided it was time to leave after I showed them some magic tricks with my screwdriver the other morning.