Cigarette smoke odors (How to remove)

Just inspected a huge house that was stained with TAR/Nicotine and smell bad. Clients want the house badly. Any ideas?** :roll:**

Using and ionizer and or ozone machine, cleaning walls, carpet, fabric, drywall and HVAC air handler can help. But need something more effective. :twisted:

We got a spray from a local restoration company that they use on fire jobs. It worked great but it’s not available to the public. If you can’t find a restoration company that has some thing try a janitorial supply.

Yes, you got to remove all the nicotine by elbow grease. A sponge mop with Trisodium Phosphate in your water works great on the walls. You will need a two sponge mops, one for the final rinse. Paint will not stick over nicotine. You should be able to wash all curtains and clean the carpets, it all depends how bad they are stained.

Contact ServPro if they are in your area. Is that a bad, bad, bad word?

Try, but they are expense, as is any form of cigarette smell and or byproducts attached to paint, flooring, removed ecomically.

I had to recommend them for a POS that had smokers and dog urine throughout the house…not sure if they will ever get the smell out. To top it off I had to go back and gag again. Ever had your eyes water as your inspecting…have to go outside to catch your breath…then go back…ugh!!!