Dirty Job

A friend of mine is interested in flipping an older estate just north of Brampton. He is a licensed carpenter with lots of good help. The concern he has is the inside of the home is full of dog feces. I mean full!!! He tells me that when you get out of you car, in the driveway, you can smell it. He plans on replacing everything that is necessary, but feels that the house will still have an aroma of the feces. He asked me to try and find out if anyone has ever come across anything like this and if they know of a cleaning chemical or a cleaning company that will kill the smell? Thanks, in advance, for everyone’s help

If he gets rid of the crap then he can call in a restoration contractor, they have machines called Ozone Scrubbers, run it in the house for a few hours and the smell will be gone. They use them for fire restorations etc.

I’ve heard investors refer to that as the “smell of money”. The smell can be killed but I’m not sure how they do it. I’m sure that someone will chime in with a recommendation.

It may be a bio hazard.

Here is a company that does that kind of work.


Here’s one in Orangeville, Winmar Restorations.


I researched restoration standards about a year ago and could not find any in Canada. I found a restoration org in the US. There is no consistant standard there either. After studying the US Manuel on restoration the the final conclusion I came to was that any fire damaged material must be removed and replaced. The only time restoration is recommended is if the object is an artifact that is worth a lot of money or has historical significance.
I suspect that a building full of sh*t would be saturated with odours and should be replaced. If your an environmentalist;-) warp a big plastic bag around it and suck off the methane gas while the contents compost.:wink:

Bluebird Strike Anywear Co.
They “guarantee” results if all else fails.