Circuit chase

New Construction—Panels and circuits have been covered with a wood frame. Frame has 4 ea. Plywood doors that open-left & right (upper & lower) as shown. No-“High voltage” signs on plywood doors. When fully opened the circuits are now exposed. At the top of the lower section (when the upper doors are closed) there is a gap of about 2.5". City/Municipal inspector passed this. Cannot get a straight answer out of my electrical contractor other than saying he’s never seen anything like this!

What are your opinions on this. The nearest thing I can find in the NEC is this---- NEC 314.21—Gaps around boxes with flush-type covers that are recessed in noncombustible surfaces (e.g., plaster, drywall, or plasterboard) must be repaired so there’s no gap greater than 1⁄8 in. at the edge of the box.

IMG_7361-rev (2).JPG

The code section cited does not apply. There is nothing wrong with the installation from what I can see in the photos.

The panels are surface mounted. The code cited is for flush mount boxes. There is no issue.

Nice cosmetic work! I’ll bet it looks one hell of a lot better closed up than all that stuff does in out the open. Your code citation is for the gap that exists between the cover and the front edge of the enclosure in non-combustible surfaces when flush mounted. Of course, this cabinetry is wood and is combustible so the box would have to fit flush IF IT WERE FLUSH MOUNTED. These boxes are surface mounted to the wall with an enclosure built around them to conceal them. The cover does fit flush to the front of the enclosure.

Nothing to report.

They did a nice job. Technically if the door frame is less than 30" wide then it is in the working space since the panel is set back a bit.

Thank you all for your answers and time, much appreciated !