Interior panel defect?

I say yes.

052611 070.JPG


If you’re talking about the missing KO and the other “opening” in the panel, I agree, they need to be properly sealed.

Just throwing it out there that the opening is not just to keep out bugs, but to contain sparking/arching. I see this all the time.

I couldn’t believe Joe was asking the question. I figured he was pulling our leg.

I agree, it’s a “no-brainer,” but who am I to judge :smiley:

Here’s another problem:

This is okay Joe ! they just haven’t pulled the other conductors in yet . :mrgreen:

Does anyone ever call out lack of a plastic bushing at the inside end of the BX?

As long as it is AC cable (BX) it is a defect if the redhead is not in place, they are not required for MC cable. (But I use em).