Panel Cover w/Tape

Panel didn’t fit snugly around the main disconnect, so the electrician/owner put tape over the opening (which is about 1/4"). Is this okay or should I recommend a new panel cover? Thanks!

June 19 2008 039.jpg

June 19 2008 039.jpg

I usually try to reposition the float face when I place the panel cover back on,… but if the setback is off its hard to get it right. It is a potential safety issue. Think of it this way,… a child trying to stick a screw driver in there because earlier he saw his dad working on it and wanted to be like dad,… :shock:

Thanks very much, Peter. I appreciate your replies and advice.

Your welcome Bro!

I don’t know how that happens, but Square D is among the worst offenders in that regard. The tolerances are pretty bad sometimes, such that no matter how much you try to tweak things around putting the cover back on, things still don’t line up nice. I have already had to loosen the whole interior and tighten it back up in a slightly different position to get the cover to go on nice. I have seen flush panelboard cabinets installed sorta “twisted” (think parallelagram) such that the cover really won’t ever go on right. Sometimes it’s 50/50 manufacturing tolerance problem and installation problem. A new cover, however, isn’t really the solution.

I totally agree. Cutler-Hammer BR series is even worse.
All new stuff too. :roll:

I find it most often when there are twenty different brands of circuit breakers in a panel of yet another brand.

Ditto what RR said.