Circuit Inspection Tools

I have had an amprobe INSP-3 for about 18 months. It is now giving me an internal fault error. What if any tool do you all recommend for circuit testing?

suretest 61-165
have an xtra if interested in purchasing
email @ website contact or call me

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That is a good tool Barry has and he is fair. If I needed one, I’d go for it. :smile:

Knopp K-60 41D9V6a mSL

I have a sure test (older model) I rarely get out. In fact I rarely get out the K60, it is seldom needed. If yu want to get into trouble “over-reporting,” knock yourself out. Consider this post from '08: Problems with Ideal SureTest Circuit Analyzer #61-165


Extech CT70 AC Circuit Load Tester. I have both CT70 and CT80 with AFCI. Good circuit go to equipment. InterNACHI InspectionTools have great price.
Wiggles are great as well.

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What kind of testing? A Wiggy®️ is all you need for doing home inspections.


Circuit Load Testings.
AC Load Tester
Selectable loads of 12, 15 and 20 Amps.
Measures loaded and unloaded AC Line Voltage.
Calculates and displays % Voltage Drop and Line Impedance.
Displays Peak Line Voltage and Frequency.
• Outlet Tester functions:
Neutral to Ground Voltage.
Hot, Neutral and Ground Impedance.
GFCI Trip Time.
GFCI Trip Current.
Open or Reversed wiring.

I concur. Bump. Problems with Ideal SureTest Circuit Analyzer #61-165

None for a visual home inspection. Now if you are doing electrical testing it depends on what you are trying to verify.

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The things I primarily test and report on are GFCI/AFCI function, bootleg grounds, and proper wiring. I do not generally report voltage drop unless it is extremely excessive.

How do you test for bootleg ground?

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Good question, Simon.

The neutral conductor is not a source to ground equipment. The neutral circuit conductor is the desired current return. All there is to a circuit, hot and neutral return.

Ground is a safety device only.

Bootleg Ground Explained.

I know what it is and how to test for it, I was asking how @sbrinson does it. Thanks for your input.

This is the way it use to be tested… :wink:


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I’ll confess, I did it twice. First time I stuck an antenna into 220V single phase receptacle, the second time I connected a wire between 2 nails and stuck them into a receptacle because apparently the first time I didn’t learn from the experiment. I’m probably lucky to be here to enjoy your grace, @rlewis5 :slight_smile:


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The ground impedance will be high on a bootleg ground. With a true round it should be very close to zero.