Wood septic tank

At today’s inspection of a 1938 house I found a a wood septic tank. I have no idea if the wood is framing to hold up stone, block or concrete walls but the interior of the tank (as far as I can see) is wood framed. Not something you see everyday. System was failed as the effluent level was 2 inches above the laterals leaving the distribution box. House was on a very small in-town lot; tank was partially under a rear addition. Not going to be a very easy or cheap replacement. Sorry about the pics not being “straight”…hanging the camera down inside the tank is always a little tricky.


A three year old drowned in one of these a few years ago went through the lid .
they are very dangerious . Thanks for the pictures .

A lot of the times on that old of a tank, the wood framing is not pulled out after the concrete is poured onsite. I see it still evey so often.

Funny you should post this… I found the same thing a few weeks ago. It was located under a detached garage. Of course it was abandoned. The wood cover was badly rotten- someone could easily step through it.

Well i have gone through 2 tanks in my life. not Pleasant lol