Cistern Issue

Ranch house that has a cistern under the 1st floor next to the garage fed by the gutters on roof. Built in 1977, now has public water supply.

How would you remove the usage of the cistern?
Would filling with gravel and redirecting downspouts to drain elsewere work?

Have never dealt with this before.

Any help or comments appreciated. Thank you.

Why not connect to irrigation system to water lawn?

Not my job to tell them what to do report it write it up hard and let them know it could be a hazard for little people ,Cats ,ect and move on .
I find them all the time most are just not used.
Roy Cooke

That’s what I would do. Why pay for city water to water your lawn and garden if you don’t have to.

Thank you. She told me that she called 3 other home inspectors who did not want to inspect due to cistern. I told her I would be happy to help. Anyway, I did recommmend to her the idea of continuing to use to water the garden. She was not too thrilled with having to maintain a pump. Not my problem. I report what I see and that is that.

I have not inspected a home with cistern yet and am looking forward to learning something. Hopefully I will have more to report on when I get there.

Thank you for your help with the hazard issues.