State Farm & Wind Mits

Today I had a lengthy conversation with a State Farm Agent concerning wind mitigation discounts, or lack thereof, and “Wall Construction Type”. Apparently, State Farm does not give any discount or credit if Form 1802 shows ANY % wood construction. They default to the weekest link, which in this case is wood construction, and they remove or do not offer any discounts. It has been my understanding that Citizens Underwriters still considers a structure as masonry (and gives discounts) even when there is 24% wood frame construction. I have heard this, but do not know where to find or confirm this information. The issue has apparently become quite a problem since many inspectors are now actually filling out the forms correctly and acknowledging wood framed gable ends. Discounts/ credits are still being removed even when proper gable end bracing is present.

The purpose of my post is to get feedback pertaining to where information can be found which clarifies Citizens stance on wall type construction, so that my Agent can try and use his influence to persuade State Farm Underwriters that a change is needed, and that they are not following the intent of form 1802.

I to am interested in this info.

It is getting worse and worse. As many times as stuff changes they will never go after even the crookedest because he can just say he learn another method.

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Confusion is the objective. The intent is to kill the wind mitigation program.

That is what I was told as well from a Citizens rep.

In my opinion, they are going to keep messing with the form and create so much confusion, by the end of next year, there will be no discounts.


Still looking for feedback.

I have never heard that Dennis. Only the 33 1/3 rule. Are you sure the agent in not mistaken?

I have had State Farm agents tell me that they consider 25% he cutoff between frame and block

I wouldnt quote an agent, no offense

I had a guy tell me today that All agents consider my beautiful picture of a 1991 old style wrap with 2 rusty nails on one side a single wrap. I told him that all the agents were incorrect.;_ylu=X3oDMTE1ZjJvZHRvBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMgRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA01TWTAwOF8xNzY-/SIG=12e5r19gr/EXP=1293151466/**http%3A//

Seems like it is just for Louisiana. :slight_smile:

good point

The Agent is having problems with his own underwriters. The underwriters are downgrading homes from masonry to wood frame type (the weakest link) when the homes have any percentage of wood frame type construction. He is simply asking me for some fire power to fight his own inner office conflict and would like to prove to them how other carriers are classifying masonry and wood frame homes so that e can use this info as supporting evidence in his cause. I believe that he is going to attend the January meeting, and perhaps he will share more of this information with us at that time. I do believe he is not mistaken, and perhaps this issue will surface in other areas in the near future. It might be helpful if others call their State Farm Agents and ask if this is a widespread developing problem.

With that said, I am still trying to locate where the Citizens rule of thumb for masonry/wood frame % threshold might be found. Is there a document out there from Citizens?

Refer the agent to the Florida Association of Insurance Agents(FAIA). They are the biggest agent advocate and have the most influence in Tallahassee.

33 1/3 as I submitted one at 40/60 the S/F rep let me know…