Citizen's Roof Condition Certification Form

Nick, you’ve done great in getting NACHI members the recognition of the state and even Citizens. Now on to the next challenge.

The Roof Condition Certification Form is being required by Citizen’s Insurance. They do not accept a 4-Point inspection in lieu of this form (although their bulletin states that other forms deemed acceptable may be used). The form requires a contractor to sign off (like a GC would automatically be able to tell the age and condition of a roof).

Any chance of facing the dragon in its lair yet again to obtain the ability of licensed or NACHI certified home inspectors to sign off on this form or have them accept a 4-Point inspection from said inspectors in lieu of this redundant document?

Thanks for being our advocate!!

Many times I can get them to accept the four point instead. They will not accept a wind mit. I do these with wind mits everyday lately, some new rule change.

Hey John
What do you know about the rule change? Are they requiring roof certs on all homes that are currently requiring 4points? I try to add 2 photos of roof with 4 point, 1 overall while on the roof and 1 close up of shingle.
Any thoughts?


I have had both responses - will accept 4-point/will not accept 4-point. It appears to be dependent on who is working on the form at Citizens (and how they feel that day, perhaps). But it sure would be nice to have a definative statement on the issue.

I have even been asked for a four point with only the roof filled out.

After a home is 25 years old, they need proof that the roof has been updated. Four points and Citizens roof forms are acceptable while a wind mit is not. Recipts do not cut it either.

You ask and you receive here is the Citizens rule:

Roof Rules
The PR-M roof rules are changing, effective 8/1/10, to mirror the personal residential wind (PR-W) roof rules announced in Agent Technical Bulletin #008-09:

•Mobile homes with roof coverings more than 25 years old are not eligible for coverage with Citizens.

•Homes with roof coverings more than 25 or 50 years old, depending on the type of covering, are not eligible for coverage with Citizens as provided in the table below.

•Roofs that are damaged, have visible signs of leaks or have less than 3 years of remaining useful life are ineligible for coverage.

Asphalt, fiberglass, composition or wood-shake shingles; built-up tar and gravel; or other roof covering types not included below
More than 25 years old – not insurable

Tile, slate, clay, concrete or metal More than 50 years – not insurable

Exception: A dwelling may be eligible for coverage if proper documentation is submitted verifying that the roof has at least 3 years of remaining useful life. Risks submitted under this exception must be submitted unbound for review. Proper documentation includes:

•Copy of a completed roofing contract

•Statement from a roofing contractor showing the estimated age, condition and remaining useful life

•Completed Roof Condition Certification Form (CIT RCF-1 11 08)

•Other documentation deemed acceptable by Underwriting

Strange, I have had many requests for both the 4-Point AND the Roof Form - The stated reason (supposedly from Citizens) is because the NACHI number on the 4-Point is not from a contractor (perhaps you have your contractor number on your 4-Point inspections?)

Interestingly enough, and agent stated today that a permit for roof replacement is also not accepted because that does not have a contractor number either. (I don’t understand why they don’t know that the final signoff on the permit is from a licensed building inspector)

i found this same info on Citizens site. As usual the grey areas do not get answered by Citizens. ( does not address 4 point )
I do not see anything on the Roof Cert form that is not on the NACHI 4point except :
" full or partial replacement" ?
" Are there visible signs of damage…
and the fraud statement above the sign line!
4 point is actually more thorough than roof cert form.

You are probably right about the contractors license. I have my GC # on the 4- point that I use, And I have no problem.

If we have our license will Citizens take this form from us? I see that qualified inspectors include “licensed building inspector.”

I think that may mean a County Building Inspector.

I called citizens today and the representative told me they would take it as long as i have an active license (which as of last friday i have). But we will see

Let us know if they actuallyaccept the form using your new State HI License

Actually, a GC really cannot tell you the exact age of a roof. I have asked my roofer and he stated he cannot even do that. I go to our County site and look up the age of the roof, which you must put on a Wind Mitigation anyway. As for the Citizens form, we have never had a problem with our NACHI numbers. We also include our State LIcense number which may help. I got a copy of their form, and made copies.
Good Luck!

Nothing for nothing but look at the age of the posts you have responded to. This entire matter has been resolved recently.