Citizens Now officiallly accept HI's

Citizens is officially recognizing Homeinspectors with approved training for wind-mits and roof condition certificates

I wonder if that was the big secret news that they whispered about at Johns meeting in Melbourne last week?

Sure seems that way! :wink:

The training is not approved by the DBPR (no training has yet been approved), but Citizens is accepting wind mits from Licensed home inspectors who have taken a wind mit course and can verify passing the course
"The inspector must have completed at least three hours of hurricane mitigation training, which must include:

  • Hurricane mitigation techniques[FONT=Times New Roman] [/FONT]
  • Compliance with the Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form[FONT=Times New Roman] [/FONT]
  • Successful completion of a proficiency exam"

The roof condition form all you need is to be Licensed and belong to InterNACHI, ASHI, or FABI.

Anyone at the Florida Insurance Inspectors Chapter meeting, pretty much had this info already, thanks to Bill york.

The DBPR has nothing to do with this training the form originates with the OIR who is is under the department of Financial Services.

Dennis, not everyone attended that meeting and it never hurts to have more information.
Joe, thanks for the correction. It would be nice if either dept would get around to approving something for education. But at least the OIR is accepting courses like Mr. York’s and the InterNACHI course for the time being so we can offer the service to our clients.

No, but everyone should be at the next meeting. Well have even more special guests and more big news. It will likely fill up quick, so register before it too late.

How does CITIZENS know who has taking training or not. To Verify is he or she is a Licensed Home Inspector is easy. Does the InterNACHI wind mitigation course acceptable? Is there a list that CITIZENS can go and verify who has taking training or not and what type of training?

NICK: Do you submit to the insurance companies who has taking W/M training?

John check out the thread “Signature Requirements for Licensed HI on Wind MItigation”

It should answer all your questions. The one thing I would point out is the email address on the bulletin (which is attached in the thread) for inspectors to send their qualifying info is wrong. You should use:

(the email address on the bulletin has an extra “s”)

John asks:

Yes, here is the list:

Get on it automatically by taking the free, online Wind Mit course accepted by every insurance company:

I sent in my request to be added to the list of approved inspectors. Has anyone been turned down yet?

Did you receive confirmation that you have been added to the approved list? They have not responed to my request.

No, I asked for confirmation but not sure how long this process takes.

Don’t be looking for confirmation that they received your information. It’s an automated e-mail and they will compile their list in house. If you submitted the certificate that you took the course, and added to the email who took the course, when you took the course, and which course you took AND you Fl License # then go out and do all the wind mits you like. The only way they’ll reject the form is if you don’t send them what they requested. Licensed home inspectors who have taken a wind mit course have been allowed to do wind mits since it was passed into law back in June or July. Citizen’s is just trying to make it easier on their agents to find those people.
I think it’s great that NACHI has the list developed as well as WH York. But not all agents pay attention and will go to those web sites. Citizens, and I’m guessing here, is trying to put it together in their own office to keep it easy for them. Not a bad thing, but also keep in mind that Citizens is not the only insurance office out there. Tower, State Farm, LOL, etc. may all come out with same requests just so they know who actually took a course. State doesn’t have a list. I suggest you add a note to your wind mit form pointing any agent in the right direction so they know you took the course. And definitely send your cert on to Citizens. Cover your bases. Can’t hurt.

Scott thanks for giving us the inside scoop.