From Citizens

So here is the latest, I have not read through fully yet

I want to know more.

This means citizens is going long on the reinspections, all properties will be reinspected over the next 2-3 yrs. The next bulletin will notify agents that if they use an approved inspection company, they will not be subjected to re-inspection. I wonder how long agents will refer non-approved inspectors?

What would happen if no one signed up with the great inspection management company?

there is like 12 companies already

Some people call this racketeering.

Ive heard that. I liken it to what happened to appraisers.

Start a company for yourself and compete. I have been saying for awhile the inspection business is changing in Florida, for better or worse. Our voice is not being heard.


I have a company, just as you do and most all of the other inspectors in Florida (have a company or some form of business entity). We all compete now. It would appear that when all of us (small business owners) must go through a select group of companies that control a segment of the market in order to obtain work that we are qualified to do, it is not a fair or level playing field. When a small group or enterprise controls a market, some people call that racketeering. As for competing, it is difficult to compete with a no bid contract.

I thought Citizens was getting sued for this exact thing, no?

I believe that is correct.

This contract was re-bid last year. Internachi bid on it. It was awarded to three Third Party Administrators. 1. Inspection Depot, 2. Quality Built LLC, 3. Mueller Services. They are being sued for years of contract mismanagement.

There are three companies now. The issue is MOST contractors/inspectors/MSFH did them wrong. Proper training and checks were needed. I do not agree with everything they have done. That is why we need representation at the state level!!!

That- We agree on.

Like it or not, its going down for sure. I aint shutting my doors, Are you guys? Pretty soon here, Home Inspectors will have to offer insurance inspections, no? I know some down here that lose business already because they don’t

I take clients from other inspectors in my area all the time because I do the wind mits.

me too…The citizens gig takes it a step further. Good thing were getting approved