Roof certilfications

Anyone here ever give a roof that was installed improperly a 3 year life expectancy. Just had an argument with a GC and Realtor over a roof in Hialeah - go figure. Cap sheet was hot mopped over an old shingle roof and the GC is saying there was nothing wrong with it and the Realtor was saying that the city passed the house (it was a foreclosure). There is more to the story, but this is enough for now.

When I read “Hialeah” I felt your pain. Not sure what to tell you…

No pain here. Just another reason why some GC’s should not be doing what they are doing.

When it comes to roof certs it can be tricky, but to be honest if the roof is sealed and there are no leaks present, then use your best judgement and could it last three years? Probably or maybe not. Your call, you were there. Sometimes things are just a business decision

I agree. You do not need the rest of us to decide on something that only you saw, Bill.

If you give it a pass knowing it is f u c k e d up, will you sleep OK?:roll:

**How can you say that now that you are licensed. The roof was put on wrong. Whether or not it will last three years is irrelevant. **

Is the roof cert for insurance? If so, right or wrong, how long will it last and leaks, nothing more or nothing less is required. I would inform the client all that I had seen wrong. Your license has little to do with it. The person’s license who installed it wrong, has everything to do with it.

I had one just put on, re-nailed with 6d nails.

John is correct. Roof cert is only to determine leak, how long it will last, etc. Not installation practices. I would still inform the client of the installation.

Wouldn’t you want to give the agent a “heads up”? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I totally disagree. I did not even need to get out of my truck to know that this was an improper roof. There is no way I would give that roof anything with that installation. Those of you that would probably depend on insurance agents for most of your work.

Now the rest of the story. The appraiser found leak stains inside the home. Because of that the insurance company wanted a roofing report. The GC passed the roof. When I got there we had not had rain for a couple of days. The entire interior of the home had been painted - walls and ceilings. There were no stains anywhere. I knew none of this until after I had written my report. Sounds to me like the GC and the agent were trying to commit fraud. That could have been one hell of a law suit because it was not leaking when I was there. You guys want to play the hero on a roof Certification on an obvious improperly installed roof, go right ahead. Just let me know when the court date is so I can attend. The amusement would be worth the time off.

Actually yes. There would be a discussion about it right after I talked with the client(and they were ok with it). As I have said many times, I work with clients to help them get insurance and give the agent what they need. If they “pass” a roof certification it does not mean their insurance my not be cancelled by a later site visit by an insurance representative. They need the information to make proper decisions.

I can not agree or disagree with you, I was not there and did not see it. Tell the whole story, point out how you would do it or ask how someone else would(based on the info given).

What if the client wasn’t “OK with it”?

After seeing what Bill described, I would probably tell the client to find someone else to do this…

If the client was not OK with it, I would tell the client what I thought and move on. I can not give a true opinion about bill’s scenario without more information or possibly seeing it first hand.

I am not sure I understand. You asked for advise and then say some work for insurance agents and will end up in court. Again confused. Again it is your business decision. Roof cert is much different than a home inspection of the roof. Poor installation practices is not a question they ask. Now if that poor installation does not allow it to last 3 years then you have your answer.
Eric i was going to call to make sure you are ok. Havent seen you posting and i was worried

Black and white for roof certs.Either it is or it aint

Here is what Bill was eluding to and if I am wrong, he will correct me.
Say you give the roof 3 years on a roof certification and then, there is a massive leak and roofers come out and say, “Of course it leaks…it wasn’t put on properly…and without a permit I might add”!
Now, when the insurance company shows up for the claim, who are they going to side with? Then, at the advise of an attorney, who do you think they are going to sue? Will they win? Don’t know, but I do not like to add any more liability than I already have.
It is why I would have said have someone else do what you want…here is his number! :slight_smile:

Your concern is touching…if I am not posting, it is usually because I am doing something else and do not have the time for the 8 page threads about GC vs HI…etc… Besides, You, Russ and John seem to have all the answers…I’ll be fishing if anyone needs me!

Just for fun as there hasn’t been a wind mit question in a while, are the pictures below single wraps?

Matz (19) (Custom).JPG

Matz (29) (Custom).JPG

Matz (20) (Custom).JPG

Matz (23) (Custom).JPG

Not from what I see.

As a contractor, this guy just certified a roof knowing (or at least I hope he knew) that the roof was installed improperly and most of you say that is OK.

Florida Fraud Statement
Any person who knowingly and with the intent to injure, defraud, or deceive an insurer, files a statement of claim or an application containing any false, incomplete, or misleading information is guilty of a felony of the third degree.

Hide behind the form all you want. Having a license wipes all of that out. He who gets caught will eventually pay the price. I don’t understand why some of you think you are doing your customer, or the insurance industry a favor by passing something like this.

Roof covering:
Approx remaining usefull life:
Age of roof:
Date last updated:
What if any updates were completed?
Are there any signs of damage/deterioration?
Are the any visible signs of leaks?

Just like the wind mit. Follow the form. Nothing more nothing less