Citizens Roof Certification Form

I just had a agent call for a previous four point that I did. She asked if I could do the Roof Form for Citizens as the client needed one to obtain insurance. I explained to her that we didn’t have clarification yet if a licensed home inspector could sign the form. I asked her to call Citizens to find out if we were acceptable or not. She called back a few minutes later and said that licensed home inspectors were acceptable.

So now you don’t have to pay contractors to complete the form for you.

Thanks for the info. Greg. Good news.

Oh well there goes another service I used to provide.

This is the year of the lucky home inspectors. Congratulations to all.

If you are a GC just remember who was in office when you lost all of the things you earned the right to inspect. Payback is a bit-h.

Good thing I am now both but it sure has driven the prices to the lowest limits now that anyone can do these inspections.

Greg how much do you charge for a Citizens Roof Form??

We do $125.00 in our neck of woods for Roof.
We do $125.00 for a 4 point.

You would never likely get that down south unless your clients did not price shop them.

There is a nachi guy down here doing 4 points for $50.

I try to get $100 or $125 but usually do not get them unless it is for $74.

There has been a tremendous amount of new HI’s flooding the market down here especially with online advertising.

Hi John,

I have never done one, so I really can’t say. I didn’t know until a half hour ago that I could do them.

I have been told the same thing by an insurance brokerage here back last year and before licensing was put into effect, however, I asked for something in writing from Citizens but never got it. As I explained it made no sense that a HI could do a four point which includes roofs but not do the roof alone. I wish there were a point of contact within Citizens that would definitively say…“Yes, you guys can do them” and put it in writing so we could distribute it to the hundreds of insurance brokers in our respective areas.

I will get in touch with the agent and see if she will give me the contact info for the person that she spoke with. Give me a couple of days.

I give then away when I perform a full home inspection, the big difference of course is… I don’t offer to repair anything which is defective. :wink:


Are you now inferring I offer to to roof repairs?

Although we all know I think it is bullsh-t that “our” COE prohibits me from doing what the State allows me to do. I have said more than once I do not really care to do anything but new construction. For the record I have never offered to do anyone’s fix it up crap.

Mr. Meeker,
No one has taken away your ability to do inspections as a licensed contractor. The playing field that was erroneously slanted in your (licensed contractor) favor has just been leveled to some degree. You can still do the inspections that you are complaining about.

All, I spoke with a Citizen’s rep. at the OIR hearing a few weeks ago and he did say the licensed home inspectors will be able to complete the roof cert. form. I would still wait until the official announcement has been put in writing before doing them.

[quote=“staylor7, post:11, topic:53049”]

Mr. Meeker,
No one has taken away your ability to do inspections as a licensed contractor.

Wrong…[size=2]The State did actually make me stop doing full home inspections by law until I got the Home inspector license I did not feel I needed.[/size]

It was not unfairly slanted that Contractors did inspections about the construction of homes. They were the known professionals at the time. Now the state has decided to let Home Inspectors also join the ranks of professionals which has increased my competition at least twofold.

I guess I am old school. I remember when inspectors use to inspect and builders use to build. Since they have lost their income flow because they did not account for a market drop, they now feel they are entiteled to OUR industry. Where were their BIG industry dollars when Home Inspectors were Pee ons? They laughed at us, ridiculed us and talked bad about us…NOW THEY WANT TO BE US! Good builders in my area are doing something very strange…its called BUILDING AND REMODELING…they kept their reputation in tack when money was easy and work was full. The work is still out there. Once again Michael it seems like you keep making the same mistakes. You were Mr. Wind Mit turning jobs away…when you had the power…now? Well, I guess you didn’t get a strong hold in the market you had a hold of and now…well it sucks huh? Welcome to being a BUSINESS OWNER!

Mr. Meeker,
You are again mixing issues. You can still perform your roof inspections and your wind mit inspections without a home inspector license- just as you have always been able to using your contractor’s license- so again, no one has taken anything from you. Besides, you don’t really do full comprehensive home inspections anyway. How many have you done? So, what is the big deal?

Mr. Meeker, i disagree. I am in palm beach county and we get $125.00 for wind mits, four points and roof certifications. When we combine them in a package, then there is a discount. We will not lower our prices and believe me, there are plenty of clients out there who are knowledgeable and will look at who is doing the inspection.

The other way is to have a following through insurance agents who know the quality of your work. We have several very large corporate agents who have us do the work for their clients.

Inspectors who inspect and only inspect, build a reputation and get the business.

That is the bottom line.

Now that is funny!! Mr.Wind Mit:p:p:p:p Thanks Russell.:wink:

:roll:Come on MIKE-X. One day you bash the Home Inspectors next day you complain that as a contractor business is slow. You wanted to be a Home Inspector now you dont. You are crazzzzyy my friend(:{(8’). You could have done everything that a Home Inspector does without becoming a home inspector. You are making more enemies than friends. You are a home inspector or you are not? Why pay the fees if you do not think that home inspector are capable to do W/M, 4 Point, +… and are truly professional individuals. Quit the business and find something else that you can be happy](*,). In the land of Lulo land…:roll: If money is not good enogh then find something else. Here in the panhandle we still charging the same prices we have done for years, not a penny less. Good advertising, and a great website can do the trick. It takes money to make money.:wink:


I think you are right about"Good advertising, and a great website can do the trick. It takes money to make money.:wink: " i will have to work on that.

I just got a call asking for the roof form on an inspection I did last month… What to charge the client? … for info I already have and to just fill out the form? 25-50-75$ any input from anyone?

You could likely get $75. Depends what others in you area are offering the service for and if the customer knows about them or not. Google search it and see what the going rate is. Beat that and all should be happy.