Roof certifications

What do we have to do to perform roof certifications?

Call a Roofing Contractor that offers the service.

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Gotta love it.:mrgreen:

What happened to these outfits that were somehow connected to NACHI offering to have us do that.
I try and avoid these one trick system Inspections.

FHA/HUD allows a home inspector to preform these. California however usually requires a Licensed Roofing Contractor (which I think is BS). Check your local/state requirements.

YEP! Thats how I got started in this mess in 1995 doin roof certs;-)
c-39 for CAL… other states??? dont know…

if you want my 2 cents in BOLD IF YOU HAVE NEVER DID ROOFING OR INSTALLED ROOFS OR DONE LIKE 10,000 REAPIRS LIKE MYSLEF DO NOT DO THEM JUST MY 2 CENTS…ok off my box now… if you cert a roof and do not know what your looking at it will bite you so fast and next thing you know you just bought a new roof job want to know more pm and we can talk :mrgreen:

an old employee of mine got his c-39 and did a roof cert the dum azz certed an old roof that should have been called out for a new roof…guess what he is now putting a new roof on it at his $$$ now this guy had been doin roofs for a while and he even F’ED up! Keep in mind once you cert it its your baby for how ever long you state…just a FYI for ya

A roof certification will generally imply that the roof is somewhat Guaranteed not to leak for the timeframe indicated/certified, within limits.

I’ve certified a number of roofs as a GC, but no longer do that. I’m not sure if the Lenders will accept a Cert anymore from a GC. I think the logic was anyone who could perform the work or legally have the work performed. ie. I certify the roof and if leaks… call Brian??? Not really a good idea.

I think it’s a Roofers job to certify roofs.

I did see a Roof Certification indicating something along the lines of:

The roof is certified to remain in acceptable condition and to be warranted against leaks for the period of _____ years. But it had a surprise as well. A service call fee if a leak should occur, along with the typical no damage from interior leaks will be repaired unless it was a NEW roof etc.

I dont remember what the deductible was, but it was more than $50. Since certifications and such are “loosely” (if any) regulated, I suppose it’s up to the particular lender/buyer/etc to feel satisfied with what they received indicating the roof’s condition.

Yes some have a trip fee…I do not!
here is how mine reads:

We have inspected and, or repaired the roof(s) at the above said address, and found that it meets acceptable conditions to be warranted for a period of___ years from Completion Date of repairs or inspection. Contractor agrees to repair any leaks, which may occur within a period of___ years, except those caused by deliberate abuse, neglect, sever weather such as, wind driven rain, or any unusual phenomena of the Elis, unforeseen problems, natural disasters, excessive foot traffic, debris build up, building additions, application of surface treatments, and pressure washing. all skylights, HVAC units, solar panels, windows, wall or any other structure or equipment on the roof or attached to the roof are not warranted unless stated in report or certification. These areas may be warranted if requested. No warranty is expressed or implied for any interior damage under any condition. Foundation settlement, failure, or cracking of the roof decking or deterioration of any part of the structure is not warranted, and would void warranty. Vapor condensation beneath the roof is not warranted. Product failure is not warranted. If the above said roof inspection and, or repairs is billed to escrow and the property falls out of escrow, the buyer or seller who ordered the inspection and, or the repairs, or gave the verbal okay to do the inspection and, or the repairs is responsible for paying the bill in full within 10 days. Also, if the inspection and, or the repair(s) are not paid for within 10 days contractor has the right to void the warranty.

There just not asking for them…used to cert about 100 to 200 a month back in the day…

today may get 30 a month if that :shock:

I used to certify roofs I installed, but nobody else’s, it’s not worth the headaches…every time we would have a Monsoon Storm here regardless of what the condition of the roof was it is going to get torn up with 70-80 MPH gusts of wind in isolated areas of the Valley here in July, the height of our Monsoon Storm season, and we get some dandies.

I imagine if you lived in a location like Southern CA, it would be worth the gamble, you guys have some pretty consistent GOOD weather—:smiley:


Just found an old word file:

It was ugly, but it worked, or at least I guess it did as I didn’t have anyone knockin on the door :).

30-40 a month is still a business at $300 a pop…


xxxx Roofer
Address xxx

Your City, CA 9xxxxx

State License Number #xxxxxx

Certification/Subject Property: xxx


Based upon the inspection of a qualified and licensed contractor and upon his recommendation, roof inspection and/or repairs have been completed in a workmanlike manner at the above certification address.

Upon completing inspection and/or repairs, roof covering is deemed in satisfactory condition with no evidence of leaks.

Roof inspections are accomplished by observing visible elements while walking over roof surface. The inspector is concerned only with what he can see at that time.

I hereby certify that I have no interest present or prospective in the property, buyer, lender, or other party involved in this transaction.

This roof is certified (or warranted or guaranteed) to be moisture proof (or water tight) for two (2) years. Severe weather and unforeseen problems such as leakage caused by foot traffic on the roof cover, natural disaster, skylights, solar or other types of heat/cool units are not covered by this certification. It does not apply to any patio covers or porches attached to the home, only livable area. The aggregate or maximum value of this certification is no more than $2000.00 and it should be clearly understood that this certification does not include repairs to interior including but not
limited to damage to drywall/plaster surfaces, wall and floor surfaces or any other item damaged by rain or moisture. Comprehensive insurance should remain in place for above subject property as a material part of this agreement. If a leak is suspected or visible it is important to contact the certifying company immediately, as a delayed period of time prior to contact will result in additional damage to roof and interior surfaces and you may be denied any needed repairs unless you call within 24 hours
upon the discovery or suspicion of a roof leak.

Dale. I’ve heard of Monsoons. That’s about it :slight_smile: Winds, yes.

They are real easy here in Philly when insurance companies or lenders want a certification. Seems like every roof here in the city is installed wrong and is in need of replacement. Roofers here think 90 pound felt is a rubber roofing material.

Damned theves!

90# lol…only use our 90# cap under new metal roofs and that is also with a 30# paper…WOW I would love to find that and have a fun time writing that up!:mrgreen:

Who do you mean, Bob?

If you certify a roof, you take on the liability for replacing it if it fails. So a roof costs … maybe $10,000 and for certifying it and guarenteeing that a $10,000 roof won’t fail you charge, what… $300?

Home inspectors should never certify roofs unless they’re ex-roofers with so much experience that they know exactly what they’re looking at. Most home inspectors should disclaim roof in your contract and in the narraticves.

Bob is probably thinking about the nationwide structural/foundation engineer set-up Nick said he had put together early last year. Where Nachi members would be able to make on-site calls and get a professional opinion of the foundations condition.

I tried to find the thread, then remembered it got deleted after a few veteran members challenged Nick and got their membership revoked.

There was somebody on here that was going to send us properties to go to and certify roofs.
I had no interest in that so ,do not recall much.

OK closer to two.
Here it is.