Citizens Roof Inspection..what is a second roof surface?

When doing a Citizens roof certification what do you consider a second roof surface?
I had a detached garage which client said was insured. I added it as a second roof surface, included 2 additional pic.
But what about homes with flat porch roof tacked on the back or front of house. These are not insured by Citizens, is it considered a second or third roof surface and reportable?

Good Question !

At the risk of sounding foolish, where do you see that on the form? I don’t find it anywhere on the CIT RCF-1 02 11 (rev.).

I usually will count only the attached roofs. Tile/flat, then the years for both, then a picture of the main and flat roof. I don’t consider the metal roofs over screen rooms, front entrance ways or any of those other types of roof on the Citizens report.

Pretty much what I do as well.

That goes the same for me, as Mike and Eric have stated.


You mean, all three of us agree? :shock: :shock:

LOL it sure appears that way! I’m playing cash 3 just in case!

DAH—I thought he meant B1-1802 Wind Mit form. I better pay more attention before I type :shock:

So a wind mit question would be: You have a flat roof that you do not consider into the #5 Roof geometry ( not attached) and the roofs covering it is Mod Bit Granulated cap sheet.

Do you mention it in Question #2 under "all roof covering types in use. ?

You are right, it does not say SECOND ROOF SURFACE, but if there is more than one type of material on the home it would require 2 answers for type, age, etc.
I do not report screen porches etc, because it they are not insured anyhow. (not a part of the primary structure)
But there could be homes that have 2 types of material and ages on enclosed living space.
The detached garage got me thinking about it! It was an insured additional structure. I am not sure if these structures belong on the report or not.
(brand new metal roof on both, so no worries either way…this time)

Usually the detached structure is insured separately and doesn’t count. That is what the insurance agents have told me anyway

Thanks…homeowner showed me the policy. The garage was a separate line item with separate $$ coverage.

Whew! I thought you had info. that I didn’t know about.
I put the types of roofing on the dwelling only (all of them).

Roofing materials over non-enclosed exterior areas, carports, porches etc. not structurally attached to the main roofing system (that part including the enclosed living area) are NOT to be reported on the 1802 as I understand the past requirements, current requirements and the discussions ongoing for the future requirements. Your results may vary…:shock:

I need to agree on this one:shock: