Age of this panel(square D) HELP

Im doing a 4 point inspection and citizens in florida requires for a panel to be upgrade within the last 35 years. This panel was in the house when the moved in in 84. In order for it to be considered upgraded within 35 years it has to be a panel installed after 1976. I took a photo of the tag on the inside. It looks like it has a
serial number inprinted( J09N1412) i think this is a serial(see photo)
box cat no. q0b 4cm150RB.
Series E-8
issue no B.2015

can any of this info tell me the date. Was it installed in the late 70’s.
When did they start to use main breakers in panels?

Thanks a bunch if anyone can help. Dating Panels is my weakest ability. Drives me crazy when its for a 4 point and I need to know if its 35 years or less







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sorry about that, I’m new to the forum and was not aware of who can view the members only portion so I thought I would post it outside of it incase a non-member can help. Wont do again

Take a look here:

Looks like Sept 9,1983

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