City building inspectors????

And we wonder how we stay in business. These people added on to the detached garage. They cut all the trusses and sistered on rafters. That by its self would still likely work. Real trouble was the fact that they had stairs going up and turned it into a loft. That’s right the 2x4 bottom rail of the truss is now the floor for the loft…Really?? What kind of person thinks…this will work…Then the city inspector signs off on it!!

Is that permit dated 1994? I would love to see the original permit application to see if all of that crap was added after the fact.

I think that stuff was added later. I work with building inspectors on a steady basis and even the lazy ones I know would not let that go.

That permit was stapled to the new section not the old section. I do not know what was done when but either way someone could have been seriously injured if not killed

Who knows when that was attached but a 1994 permit on fairly clean OSB?

You might be right but then again who pulls a permit for a garage loft? Hell, close the door and pound away.

Not trusses, also, it looks like they turned a one car garage into a 2 car garage by moving the side wall out. Maybe?

Yes you are correct. A laminated beem sits where the old wall was

I thought so. Penny pinching remodel work gets you that look. Strange as it is its probably safe.

You can buy a garage build kit here for $4000, trusses, framing, sheathing, vinyl siding, roofing and doors. I would have built new but saving a few bucks is important to some folks.