Classified Product breaker in Square D

Just opened a Square D panel today and found a 30 amp double pole breaker for a microwave oven. Aside from that issue the circuit breaker is manufactured by Classified Product, and Square D Company (manufacturer of this panel) specifically recommends this brand not be used in their panels. See following link for information regarding this: [FONT=&quot]]([/FONT] .

This was the first time I have seen this brand circuit breaker.
Just thought I would share this one.

John M. Wickline
JW Home Inspections, Inc.
Hilton Head, SC

This is good info:

Have never seen one before either. Thanks for the info.

Thanks for more info from Square D. I went to shut the breaker off and it started coming out of the panel.

I find it hard to believe that a double 30 is for a microwave oven! We could run a small crematory with that.