Clay tile roof with black sheet, what is that

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I did inspection a 2019 house and I do not understand what is the black sheet? Why it is in the clay tile roof? is that temporary leaking repair?


Have you taken the Roof Inspection course/module?
(This is a basic detail, BTW)

Also, read through this guide for some very useful info/details.



TRI-FRSA call that skirt flashing.

Looks like cement tile from here


It’s just flashing to keep out water, I personally would have used flashing of a matching color. But whatever.

I am with Marc.
Appears to be a Concrete barrow tile roof.
Last for 40-50 years on average.

Roofing section:
Concrete barrow tile roof.
Suspect: Prior Concrete barrow tile roof repair.
1: Caulked cracked tile repair.
2: Exposed black self-adhering underlayment.
Note: Underlayment has a short shelf life exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

Perfect and thanks

The black skirt flashing is not underlayment. In this area the underlayment is predominantly white. If you look under the “repaired” broken tile you would see the underlayment. The broken/cracked tiles in your photo are consistent with factory defects that have been identified on hundreds of houses here in SWFL. Where are you located?

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