Roll flex aluminum flashing

Hello everyone this is my first post on the forums and any help/knowledge you can share is greatly appreciated and welcomed. I had an inspection today and ran across what appeared to be flexible aluminum flashing. We do not have many clay/cement tile roofs in my area and I am curious what you all think about this type of installation and if there are any issues with going this route vs mortar.

Temporary repair/patching using aluminum coated flashing tape. All flashing used should last as long as the roof covering.


Thank you Simon! I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. This is a brand new home and I was not sure if I missed some new innovative way of sealing a cement/clay tile roof.

This has a ton of information. I am sure you can find best practice for these protrusions, flashing etc. with a little digging. (Btw, I agree with Simon, that appears to be substandard).


Thank you for your input Brian. I will definitely read the link you provided.

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Yeah, I agree that looks like a pretty poor material/installation. The caulking around the pipe penetration already looks to be cracking.

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No form of sticky flashing is going to last in that application.
For the right way to do it from a real roofer see:

Also learn how to walk tile


Thank you Matt. The whole roof was questionable at best. I really appreciate the welcome.

Thank you Bryce. I will definitely give this a watch.

Thank you everyone that replied to my post! You all helped me tremendously, guess its back to further education for me.

It is hard to tell from my phone, but are you sure that is not a shaped and molded lead vs. aluminum or an adhesive foil?
Lead is commonly used by roofers and is almost a loat art for valleys and terminations of angles that a tile is not able to cover well.
From everything I have seen, this is an accepted practice still where needed.
I would recommend to try and confirm what it is before you identify it wrong.

@mlegatzke - Cancel the above comment - That does not look like lead on a large monitor!
There is a lost art though of high end roofers that will hand sculpt leaded flashing or copper that will outlast almost any products…But that is not this art!


Thank you Jordan. I appreciate your response. I would agree this is not art.