Clean-out Behind Refrigerator

I thought I took a picture to share, but apparently I didn’t…

I have seen this a couple of time; behind the refrigerator about 3’ off the floor, what appears to be a clean-out. Measurement approximately 1-1/2" diameter, plugged with a threaded plug. There wasn’t any plumbing directly above the refrigerator area that would justify a clean-out, but that’s what it looked like. It’s like the clean out that you’d see behind a washing machine.

Is that what it is? A clean-out?

Thanks in advance.


Clean outs can appear in strange places.

I often find them on bedroom walls.

I believe is probably a port where the paranormal home inspectors do their spirit check :-). If it looks like a clean out smells like a clean out it’s a darn clean out.

I KNEW IT !!! :mrgreen: