something you dont find everyday

Below is a picture of the floor under the main bathroom jacuzi tub
in the basement, the utility room to be precise.
the opening for the plumbing here has taken a portion of the floor out.
How would you word this? :raised:

63 Kasper 301.JPG

Im missing it: is this a basement? Im assuming the trap is out of frame.

Seems typical of a tub. And, as Michael said, the trap must be out of the picture, below?\

ABS? Is it a manufactured home?

The subfloor cutout is needed to make room for the drain.

No, it was built in 1976, i have not seen the plumbing done in such a way as to see light in the basement from the bathroom upstairs.

one of those picky things I thought the plumbing should have been done better.

Looks like standard operating procedure to me. We don’t have basements but the sub-floors are always cut out like that.

Looks good for 30+ years of age.

Most of the drain cutouts i see are about that size. The tub doesn’t rest on the floor there, other than aesthetics, potential draft, and eliminating potential rodent access I wouldn’t call it a problem.

If the basement is unconditioned, then they should fill the voids with insulation.

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