Clearance between gas stove pipe and dropped ceiling panels

I had an inspection yesterday where there was a gas stove in the basement and the metal chimney ran through a dropped ceiling. The ceiling panels seemed too close to the stove pipe but I cannot seem to find how combustible or not dropped ceiling panels are. Could anyone advise please. I have attached a picture. The wall behind it had been left unfinished and was concrete rather than the surrounding v-match pine that the rest of the walls were finished with, but the proximity of the ceiling panels just did not seem safe. Please advise.

What you need to know is the type of vent you’re dealing with. The vent type determines clearances, not the combustibles. As long as that thimble is approved for the vent, then you’re good, it provides enough required separation from the combustibles.

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It is direct vent.

Then, you must use the manufacturers installation instructions for that make and model because I have seen them vary.

Ok, I will call them and confirm. Thank you very much for the help, I really appreciate it.

You can look up the manufacturers installation instructions for that make and model on Google and read them…if you took a picture of the label information.

Dear God, Santa may not be real, but…please protect us from the master inspectors. Their genius, not they’re, is astounding.